The text "EOS-503" over a circular badge with a checkmark.
A gray, pixel art spaceship.
Calling all DATA Agents...
It’s 21XX, and the residents of Earth have boarded the massive space vessel: EOS. Create your character, explore diverse communities, and help solve social puzzles with your skills in learning theory. Will your actions impact EOS for the better...?
An animated gif of the player walking around various pixel art environments.
Explore the diverse communities aboard EOS-503.
Solve social conundrums with your knowledge of learning theory and clever problem solving.
An animated gif of the player speaking to several NPCs and choosing dialogue responses.
An animated gif of the player cycling through random options in the character creator.
Create your own character to explore the world.
What Next?
EOS-503 is currently very cool and fun already. But did you know it’s going to get even cooler? The developers are still hard at work squashing bugs, adding features, and even creating more content. Act 2 will bring your in-game relationships to the next level. Stay tuned for more!